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Best Time to Travel Southeast Asia

Here are tips to find the best time to travel to Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asia includes countries that are north of Australia, east of India, and south of China. All the Western travelers can choose to immerse themselves in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, or the quiet paradises like in Thailand, Laos and Bali. And as you know that the best time to visit countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and the Malaysia largely depends upon avoiding the hottest, most humid weather and dodging the crowds.

Best Time to Travel Southeast Asia
Visit Southeast Asia to find the best time to travel around it
Expect the large crowds and high hotel rates. The most popular time for tourists is November to February who are eager to escape North American and European winters. The Conde Nast Traveler already warns that, "from backpackers to the jet-setters, 55 million travelers descend upon the region annually" so it's very important to consider when to go to avoid the crowds. If you can stand the heat; avoid the early April, it will be the worst time to visit Southeast Asia. When the New Year is celebrated in Thailand and Laos, and the best time to travel is May and middle of April.

A home to Southeast Asia's biggest party, be sure to spend your Chinese New Year in Singapore. When Thais celebrate on their New Year by flooding the streets by wielding water guns, handfuls of talcum powder and buckets of water, the frommer's recommends planning the travel around Thailand's Songkran from April 13 to 15th. In September, featuring colorful costumes and a parade on water, the Laos dragon boat races are held in every riverside town. And thousands of Buddhists head to the That Luang temple in Vientiane in the early of November.

Cooler weather prevails is generally the best one to visit Southeast Asia when drier, the time period from November through February,. That’s the weather in Southeast Asia.  With temperatures skyrocketing to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, the hottest time of year is March to June. Around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round is the average temperatures for the region hover. From June to October, the wet monsoon rains fall in most countries, making it difficult to sunbathe, surf, hike, or dive. There are exceptions. Indonesia and Malaysia experience their dry seasons from April to October.

You'll need to visit between months February and September to avoid the leech infestations, to see a great spot to see bats, snakes, smaller "big" cats, slow loris and flying squirrels is Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia. The ideal time to see the endangered orangutans of Borneo is March through October as well. An ideal place to see sunbear, leopards, elephants, gibbons, and tigers is Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand. The recommended tours that take place in May, October, and November.

The cheapest countries to travel include Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia. The southeast Asia inspired by Lonely Planet's first "Shoestring Budget" travel guide with its amazingly affordable prices. There are certain times to stretch your dollar even further, despite the affordability of the region. Summer months may be so hot, but hotel deals and flight are fairly cheap to places like Thailand and Vietnam. October and September are cheaper times and it will be best time to travel to Southeast Asia because they precede a busy travel season.

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